That uncle on the Way (later the wife put her in red) has become a hero in love after keeping warm and giving birth to a newborn baby in the cold weather.

On a cold night, a mother suddenly abandoned her 1 year old baby in an alley in Argentina. The real reason why I still can't die is because the mother's mother is so bad that she leaves the baby in the middle of the cold night.

Miracles happened, when that night there was a woman who had already had a baby and kept warm the weak baby trying to fight the cold.
Way's mom enough to do that uncle ċσռ. And with the natural instincts of a mother, Way gave birth to a baby in the middle of the night and protected it with a wet bag that didn't even have a stomach. She only has the power to do the magic in the full range of magic, all of which are surprisingly magical.

The dog Way
Early the next morning, Ms. Alejαռdra Giraffe  – resident near the place where the dog was located – heard the baby's voice enough to give birth and came out.
Alejaռdra Giraffe panicked and immediately gave birth to a baby near her.
Here, the baby is carefully taken care of by the medical team. On the mother's side, the phone was kept by the government to prevent it from being completely unethical.

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