Having just brought her home, without having time to lead her pet dog to get used to the new living environment in China, the professional dog was beaten by a neighbor, causing the girl to lose her strength. When she lost an item. If there is something precious, everyone will surely regret it. If it is a pet that we consider as a confidant, the sadness will be greater.

When the ant that the beloved dog just brought home was beaten by a neighbor, Leewen Zhang couldn’t hold back the water and cried desperately. She must have told herself that it was a mistake to bring the dog back to China.

The incident happened in Du Bac district, on Tru Khach street (Tru Quoc). The video was posted on social media by Leewen herself and quickly received a lot of shares and support from residents. Seeing Ms. Leewen struggling so hard, everyone was disappointed.

Leewen lost her heart and struggled when she lost her close dog – (Pictured from the heart).

It is known that Leewen was born in Tru Khach Street, then she followed her family to settle in San Francisco, California (USA). 8 years ago, Leewen adopted a little puppy 2 months old and named Julie.

Julie is a Golden Retriever, classified as a service dog and can board. The two have been together in life for 8 years now. The wife is as close as a close relative. Julie is Leewen’s most pampered dog and has many bonding memories.

Leewen’s plan to bring Julie back to China for a while and then to Europe to settle down for a long time did not come true when a neighbor had a dog with a chicken for Julie to eat and killed the dog.

Julie was raised by Leewen when she was 2 months old and has been with her for 8 years.

Sharing on her personal Facebook page, Leewen spends these sweet messages:

“Julie is my most loving and gentle friend. It is my best friend. I really love Julie. He has been with me since he was 2 months old and became a recognized service dog by the state of California. I brought Julie back to China last year and plan to go to Europe next year.

Julie had a heart attack, so I had to find a cool, clean room in Du Bac district to ensure Julie’s heart and health. We moved to this place 5 months ago, I have also heard a lot of whispers that there are many people here who have dogs, even plotting to clean up the dogs in the area because they believe that the environment is clean. Only children should have fun, there is no place for dogs”.

Leewen’s relationship with Julie is so close, so when she has to part from Julie forever, everyone understands how much pain she will have in her family. She also expressed her indignation towards those who killed Julie.

“I can never forget Julie’s screams of pain as she rolled over to fight for her life. It’s been a year but I still can’t get rid of my sadness because of the loss of my best friend,” said Mrs. Leewen.

Intimate photos between Leewen and Julie

Leewen is also reporting, fighting against the interests of the department in particular and Julie in particular. Leewen showed a very determined attitude that she would not accept the current challenge, even though she said that she had to protect the object and many other difficulties.

She will use Julie’s death as a pledge to move forward and fight for the rights of other invincible objects.


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