Workers on a drilling rig found a stray dog ​​swimming to their place of work, about 210km off the coast of Thailand.

According to CNN on April 16, Thai workers found a dog in a state of shivering from the cold. They don't know where the animal came from.

Vitisak Payalaw - a worker working at the rig - said he and his colleagues saw the dog swimming towards the rig on the afternoon of April 12. The group quickly brought out a pole for the dog to cling to, but it failed because the dog was pushed by the waves.

“I am afraid that if we do not act quickly, we will not be able to save it. If the dog loses its strength, it will be even more difficult to rescue it," Payalaw said.

“His eyes were very sad at that time. It just looked up as if to say 'Please save me'. At that time, whoever it was, they had to put out their hand.”

The rescue team threw a rope to save the dog ashore – Photo: CNN

The dog looks exhausted after being saved – Photo: CNN

After putting the dog on the rig, they quickly took care of it, bathed it, gave it clean water and energy drinks. The dog was named Boonrod by the workers, which means "survivor".

Boonrod was brought back to the mainland at 10am on April 15 and was received by the Watchdog Thailand Animal Protection Association.

Boonrod was photographed with benefactors who saved lives – Photo: CNN

Announced on the Facebook page, Watchdog Thailand said the dog was taken to a veterinary station in Songkla province, Thailand.

According to CNN, Boonrod will be temporarily fostered by the charity group to recover his health. Payalaw says he will adopt Boonrod if no one comes to take it.


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