Recently, a cute story of a dog adopting a newborn kitten and nursing her alongside her pups took the Internet by storm. The heartwarming story captured everyone’s heart and even melted hearts of stone. It proves mother’s love knows no bounds and applies no matter the species.

Source: Brittany Callan

Ruby is a Doberman Pinscher, who lives with her owner Brittany Callan in the upstate New York town of Geneseo. Just a week after delivering a litter of six puppies, she accepted and raised an abandoned newborn kitten as if she was her own pup.

Source: Brittany Callan

The kitten named Ramblin’ Rose was found in the grass by Callan. When she saw the lost kitty, she thought of Ruby, who just had baby pups. She took the little blind baby home with the hope that Ruby’s mothering instincts would kick in when she saw the helpless kitten. Fortunately, it worked. Ruby licked Rose like she was her mother.

Source: Brittany Callan

“[Ruby] took right to her and didn’t seem to mind at all,” Callan told Daily Paws, adding, “She grew up with small animals [and learned] to be nice and just lick them and be friendly with everything… She’s just an extremely, extremely compassionate dog.”

Source: Brittany Callan

Rose has now settled in with Ruby and her pups. She loves her new puppy brother or sisters so much. Ruby and her pups also love the kitten. Ruby even carries her around the house in her mouth. They snuggle up with each other at night and sleep together as a little family.

Source:  Brittany Callan

Watch their sweet video here:

The puppies will go to their new homes when they turn 10 weeks old. Meanwhile, Gibbs, Callan’s cousin will take Ramblin’ Rose home when she’s fully grown.
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